Event Update

Predictions stop 30 minutes after kick-off. Think fast, act fast!

Enter BIT's World Cup Wizard battle and split a $1 million prize pool


Event Update

Predictions stop 30 minutes after kick-off. Think fast, act fast!

Join our "World Cup Wizard" event and get extra Rad-Bits (points) by registering, depositing, trading, and purchasing coins on the BIT platform during the World Cup. The more matches you accurately predict, the more Rad-Bits you will receive. Rad-Bits may be exchanged for other tokens and awards, with a total prize pool of up to $1 million!

What is a Rad-Bit?

Rad-Bit is the name for BIT credits. Every day, users may earn Rad-Bits by registering, trading, depositing, and purchasing coins on the site. Rad-Bits may be traded for other tokens and prizes.

How to get Rad-Bits?

From Nov. 20, 2022 to Dec. 19, 2022, users can earn Rad-Bits in the following ways.

  • 1. Register:

    From Nov. 20, 2022 to Dec. 18, 2022, each newly registered user will receive 500 Rad-Bits.

  • 2. KYC

    Complete KYC to get an additional 1000 Rad-Bits.

  • 3. From Nov. 20 to Dec. 20, deposit more than $100 USD to your BIT account and get 500 Rad-Bits every day

  • 4. You can earn 1000 Rad-Bits when you use fiat to buy more than $100 of cryptocurrency.

  • 5. Trade more than $1000 per day and get 1000 Rad-Bits

  • 6. Participate in the World Cup Wizard event



  • 7. Invite your friends

    From 12 p.m. UTC, Nov. 23, if you invite your friends to register at BIT, and your friends completed KYC, you can earn 500 Rad-Bits for each invitee. Rad-bits airdrop will be done before 4 a.m. UTC of the following day of KYC.

Burning rules

If there is no user activity between Nov. 20, 2022 and Dec. 19, 2022 (such as trading, on-chain deposits, buying coins, subscribing savings, KYC, participating in World Cup Wizard activities, etc.), Rad-Bits granted during registration will be burned.

How to participate in the World Cup Wizard?

Place your predictions using Rad-Bits. On the product's site, you may view all of the available matches for your predictions. You cannot change your mind once the order has been placed. There is no restriction on the type of prediction, so you may choose to select victory, draw, and loss simultaneously. As soon as the match results are confirmed, your Rad-Bit prizes will be credited to your Rad-Bits account.

How to make a prediction during the World Cup Wizard event?

There are three types of predictions:

How to take a bet in WorldCup Wizard

(A) Match results: Users can spend the Rad-Bits predicting the match results directly. The number displayed at the prediction bar is the reward for every Rad-Bit spent. In the above example, if you predict France and you win, for every 1 Rad-Bit you spend, you can earn 2.3 Rad-Bit. The rewards are derived from the prize pool and will change when new predictions are placed.

(B) Over-Under: We compare the given number with the result of the Home team's score divided by the Away team's score. For example, if the target number indicated under the guess type is 2, and the result is 3-1, i.e., Home team's score divided by Away team's score is 3, as 3>2, players who predict the Over will win. In another example, if the result is 3-2, players who predict the Under will win since 1.5<2. Or if the guess type is 1.5 and the result is 1-0, the people who predict Over will win. If the result is 0:0, the result is deemed as 1. So if the target is 0.75, people who predict Over will win.

(C) Handicap: This is to guess the result if a certain amount is deducted from one team's goals. For example, if the handicap is 1:0, we decide the win-loss results after removing the goals of the first team by 1. If the official results are 2:1, the handicapped result is 1:1. It is a Draw under handicap if the first team wins in the official results.

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